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Authors exhibition of Vladimir Semchuk «Pareidolia»

11 January 2022

Pareidolia, pareidol illusion (from greek Παρά - «near», «about», «deviation from something», εἴδωλον - «image») is a false visual or aural perception of real objects as others, similar in common features.

When pareidolia happening, vague and confusing visual or auditory image perceived as something distinct and definite. For example, figures of people or animals are seen in the form of clouds; in geometric figures - a face; in delayed audio recordings - «hidden messages».

Pareidolia is a completely banal phenomenon that can be observed by almost all people. If pareidolia lose the character of objectivity, reality and are accompanied by the appearance of a sense of their artificiality, illusory, delusional interpretation, it starts to be called pseudopareidolias.

Regarding visual perception or, for example, the process of reading, we can say: «A person guesses rather than sees».

This series of works is a study of the phenomenon of pareidolia. In completely random, amorphous spots, almost abstract compositions, the human brain guesses images and silhouettes that are born in the subconscious. By virtue of my imagination, seeing something similar to the form existing in nature, I consciously emphasize and more clearly highlight it, bringing the viewer to his vision and understanding of a clear silhouette or shape. However, this is only my individual vision. It is not uncommon for different people, contemplating the same composition, to see completely different things that are unique to their imagination. And this is absolutely normal!!!

Due to the imagination, a person can see anything in the picture and feel different emotions. From pleasure to aggression. The active colors, which used in writing the works, were chosen not by chance. All to increase the emotional flow on the viewer. For an even greater understanding of the work, a video visualization of the work is added.

QR codes are attached to the works, after scanning which, the viewer follows the link to the video, where he plunges into the special world of pareidolia. Everything comes to life and moves, which adds even more understanding to my vision in a particular work.

Vladimir Semchuk «Vladzio». Was born on October 6th,1984 in Uhryniv village,Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast in Ukraine.

In 2007 he graduated from the Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Arts, «Fine Arts and Dekorative and Applied Arts» spesialty.

Since 2016 his intensive creative aktivity has started.Volodymyr is a participant of international,all-Ukrainian and regional exhibitions.

2017-partikipation in an international plein-air in Bulgaria.

2018-partikipation in the international exhibition «ARTBOX PROJEKT NEW YORK 2018»

2018-took part in an international biennale in Bulgaria

In 2019 Volodymyr joined the Natinal Union of Artists of Ukraine.

2020 - Won the «Ukrainian revival» medal at the international plein air competition

«The best artist of 2020», Vinnytsia, Ukraine

2021 - Winner of Arkhip Kuindzhi International Award

In the artist's works realistik and abstract art schools are closely interwoven.The artist aktively works on the formation of his individual style. Volodymyr artworks are stored in private collections in Ukraine and abroad. At the present time the artist lives and works in Ivano-Frankivsk.