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Exhibition of paintings by Leonora Janko «Flying is allowed» from July 28 to August 12, 2023

28 July 2023

On July 28, the Lviv «Madame Palmgren Art Gallery» opens the painting exhibition of Leonora Yanko «Flying is allowed».
The title of the exhibition «Flying is allowed» reflects the general tone of the works, each of the paintings has an optimistic context, refers to the moment after the victory of Ukraine, when peaceful planes will return to the sky.
The works express certain emotional states of the author in anticipation of better times.Yes, Leonora Yanko says that the process of writing Crimean landscapes from these places, her past childhood, seems to bring her back to her native land, fills her with strength and hope.
The works, made in yellow and blue colors, were created under the impression of the artist's last year's trips to Europe and the powerful wave of demonstrations by Ukrainians and foreigners in support of Ukraine. The abstractness of the paintings allows you to fill the entire space of the canvas with shades of yellow and blue, which gives the viewer concentration on a certain state that the author wanted to convey.

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