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International exhibition ACEO - «SMALL PAINTINGS, BIG STORIES»

26 April 2024

Dear friends!

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to the extraordinary ACEO exhibition and sale, showcasing an array of miniature masterpieces. This event will grace the esteemed «Art gallery of madam Palmgren» in the historic city of Lviv. Here, you can enjoy artworks by artists from various countries.
The opening will be held on April 26, 2024, at 4:00 PM.
  ACEO stands for «Art Cards, Editions, and Originals» It is an international format for small paintings. These artworks have a standard size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches (64 x 89 mm) and are created using various techniques. Each ACEO is a unique piece of art, signed by the artist. They make wonderful gifts or collectible treasures that you can carry with you.
At the exhibition, you will see over 1500 original works by more than 160 artists from different corners of Ukraine — spanning 36 cities and villages, including Kyiv, Lviv, Bucha, Dnipro, Uzhhorod, Odessa, and Kharkiv. Additionally, artists from France, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, and the Czech Republic have also contributed their works.
The artists have depicted everything that inspires them: urban landscapes, our beloved Ukraine, nature, birds, cats, plants, abstract paintings, and much more. Each painting tells a unique story, revealing the beauty and harmony of our world.
These may be small paintings, but they carry significant stories. Among the authors are those who cope with war, volunteers, and individuals who long for their native places currently under occupation. The exhibition features works by renowned artists alongside tender and naive creations. Urban sketchers from Odesa, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Wroclaw have also participated, capturing their observational sketches of favorite cities.
Each series of works is accompanied by a text from the author, where they share their story and what inspired them. It is also a narrative about how the beauty of nature and observations of small, simple things help individuals cope with their emotional state during times of war.
During the exhibition, there will be creative meetings, master classes, sketching sessions, and other events. The event program will be published separately. 

This exhibition is a joint project of the collective «Art gallery of madam Palmgren» and a group of curator-artists: Iryna Gresyk, Svitlana Mikhalevich, Solomiia Dorosh, Olena Zherebetska. 
The exhibition will run until May 21, 2024.
The gallery welcomes visitors from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM, closed only on Mondays. Address: Lviv, str. Ivan Fedorova, 8.


Alexandrova Diana. Odesa, Ukraine.
Anoprienko Olena. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Atoyan Anna. Lviv, Ukraine.
Ariepieva Valentyna. Dnipro, Ukraine.
Artyukh Nataliа. Rivne, Ukraine.
Babliak Teteruk Lesia. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Babchuk Maria. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Barysheva Bogdana. Odesa, Ukraine.
Barannik Sergiy. Mariupol, Ukraine.
Bezkorovaina Maria. Ukraine.
Beldiy Lesya. Dnipro, Ukraine.
Benedyuk Pavlo. Rivne, Ukraine.
Berestok Yuliya. Dnipro / Lviv, Ukraine.
Bludova-Marushevska Anastasiya. Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Bogaychuk Lyudmyla. Odesa, Ukraine.
Bogdanova Kateryna. Odesa, Ukraine.
Boguslavska Anastasiya. Lviv, Ukraine.
Boiko Marina. Lviv, Ukraine.
Bolyubash Sofiya-Svitlana. Lviv, Ukraine.
Bryksa Alexandra. Prague, Czech Republic.
Bugayenko Natalia. Kherson / Chernivtsi, Ukraine.
Bulanova Viktoriya. Odesa, Ukraine.
Buchkovska Olga. Lviv, Ukraine.
Vaitkus Arūnas. Alytus, Lithuania.
Vaitkiene Ingrid. Alytus, Lithuania.
Vayvods Anton. Latvia.
Voytenko Marina. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Volkovinska Lyudmyla. Odesa, Ukraine.
Voskoboynikova Olga. Odesa, Ukraine.
Gavrilenko Kateryna. Lviv, Ukraine.
Gladysh Tetiana. Odesa, Ukraine.
Gladyuk Mykhailo. Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.
Glibova Hanna. Kharkiv / Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.
Glyadchenko Tetiana. Vyzhnytsia, Ukraine.
Goga Olexandra. Odesa, Ukraine.
Golodetskaya Anzhela. Odesa / Lviv, Ukraine.
Gramatyk Olena. Wroclaw, Poland.
Gresyk Iryna. Ukraine.
Grinchuk Aliona. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Huz Yaroslava. Rivne, Ukraine.
Deyneka Yuliya. Bucha, Ukraine.
Didenko Alya. Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Dobryanska Halyna. Lviv, Ukraine.
Domnina Alyona Oleksiyivna. Lviv, Ukraine.
Dorosh Solomiya. Lviv, Ukraine.
Drymaylo Mykhaylo. Lviv, Ukraine.
Dubei Nadia. Chernivtsi, Ukraine.
Dubrivna Antonina. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Durdunetz Yura. Mukachevo / Lviv, Ukraine.
Duchenchuk Oksana. Ternopil, Ukraine.
Dyachenko Anastasiya. Kharkiv / Lviv, Ukraine.
Dyachenko Lana. Lviv, Ukraine.
El Delnara. Kyiv, Ukraine / Kas, Turkey.
Yevdokymenko-Prodanchuk Natalya. Lviv, Ukraine.
Zhilenko Olena. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Zherebetska Olena. Lviv, Ukraine.
Zarubina Iryna. Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Zasornova Natalia. Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine.
Ivanova Olena. Dnipro, Ukraine.
Ilnytska Iryna. Ukraine.
Kaliniсhenko Kateryna. Boryspil / Lviv, Ukraine.
Kamenetska-Ostapchuk Olena. Lviv, Ukraine.
Klochko Olga. Poltava, Ukraine.
Koval Olexandra. Khmilnyk / Lviv, Ukraine.
Koval Oksana. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Kovalchuk Nadiya. Lviv, Ukraine.
Kolosova Kateryna. Kherson / Rivne, Ukraine.
Kondratyeva Kateryna. Ivano-Frankivsk / Ponta Delgada, Portugal.
Kondratyeva Rada, 6 y.. Ivano-Frankivsk / Portugal.
Kopeikinа Iryna. Latvia.
Kopeikin Mykhailo. Latvia.
Korn Sofiya. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Kostenko Marta. Lviv, Ukraine / Kalisz, Poland.
Kotlyarova Kateryna. Vinnytsia / Lviv, Ukraine.
Kravchenko Olga. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Kudryavtseva Darina. Uzhhorod, Ukraine.
Lavskaya Kateryna. Izmail, Ukraine.
Larina Natalia. Dnipro, Ukraine.
Larionova Lesya. Lviv, Ukraine.
Lasnaia Angelia. Odesa, Ukraine.
Lebedeva Olena. Odesa, Ukraine.
Lеts Olga. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Leshchinska Tetiana. Lviv, Ukraine.
Lobanova Alina. Uzhhorod, Ukraine.
Loktionova Blazhena. Bolhrad, Ukraine.
Loktionova Iryna. Odesa, Ukraine.
Luzhetskyy Rostyslav. Lviv, Ukraine.
Luzhetskyy Mykola. Rykhtyche / Lviv, Ukraine.
Lukiv-Lyubitska Marta. Lviv, Ukraine.
Liubina Yuliya. Odesa, Ukraine.
Makarenko Anna. Boryspil, Ukraine.
Maksymenko Viktoriya. Lviv, Ukraine.
Malko Olga. Morintsy, Cherkasy region, Ukraine.
Mayson Anna. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Melnik Sofia. Lviv, Ukraine.
Melnik-Mankovska Anastasiya. Rivne, Ukraine.
Milenka Liubov. Zaporizhzhia / Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine.
Mikhalevich Sveta. Odesa / Uzhhorod, Ukraine.
Mogylat-Turchynska Nataliya. Lviv, Ukraine.
Motriuk Kateryna. Odesa, Ukraine.
Mukhina Vera. Feodosiya / Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine.
Muchychka Svitlana. Lviv, Ukraine.
Naumova Olga. Odesa, Ukraine.
Nikolaevskiy Oleksandr. Lviv, Ukraine.
Nochovnyy Anton. Poltava, Ukraine.
Onyshchenko Olexandra. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Osipchuk Iryna. Kharkiv region / Lviv, Ukraine.
Pavlov Roman. Rivne, Ukraine.
Paliy Olena. Izmail, Ukraine.
Panashiy Iryna. Berezhany, Ternopil region, Ukraine.
Parkhomenko Marina. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Petrovska Olga. Chernihiv / Lviv, Ukraine.
Pogribna Valentyna. Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Pogribnyy Artem. Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Pogribna Myroslava. Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Popovych Ira. Chernivtsi, Ukraine.
Popovych Yaroslava. Rava-Ruska, Ukraine.
Prilipko Yuliya. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Prokopenko Olga. Nice, France.
Rasskazova Alla. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Rakhmanin Hlib. Lviv, Ukraine.
Rode Diana. Kharkiv / Ternopil, Ukraine.
Romanova Tamara. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Rubanenko Anastasiya. Odessa, Ukraine.
Sadil. Lviv, Ukraine.
Savchuk Natalia. Kyiv / Ratsibuzh, Poland.
Saliy Andzhelina-Tereza. Lviv, Ukraine.
Samoylovich Anna. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Svizhak Oksana. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Sedletska Svitlana. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Senchyk Yustyna. Lviv, Ukraine.
Sechko Inna. Mykolaiv, Ukraine.
Selchonok Olena. Odesa, Ukraine.
Sildushkina Sasha. Ukraine / Poland.
Svystunova Kseniia. Kyiv, Ukraine / Warsaw, Poland.
Soldatova Olga. Odesa, Ukraine.
Solovyova Olga. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Stanovska Olesya. Donetsk region / Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.
Stepanov Roman. Lviv, Ukraine.
Sugira Zhanna. Zaporizhzhia / Ashdod, Israel.
Teletien Viktoriya. Lviv, Ukraine.
Tykhonova Olena. Dnipro, Ukraine.
Tkachyk Anna. Sokal / Lviv, Ukraine.
Tkachuk Svitlana. Kremenets, Ukraine.
Troyan Nadiya. Ukraine / Munich, Germany.
Turuk Dina. Lviv, Ukraine.
Khimin Yana. Kostopil, Ukraine.
Khomyk Violetta. Lviv, Ukraine.
Khoroshaeva-Zhminka Olena. Lviv, Ukraine.
Khokhon Halyna. Zabuzhia, Ukraine.
Chebanova Svitlana. Mykolaiv region, Ukraine.
Cheprasova Darya. Berdiansk / Uman, Ukraine.
Chernachuk Oksana. Rivne, Ukraine.
Cherchel Anna. Odesa, Ukraine.
Chubina Natalia. Lviv, Ukraine.
Shagoyan Yevgeniya. Zaporizhzhia / Lviv, Ukraine.
Sharapova Julia. Odesa, Ukraine.
Shemanska Kateryna. Chernivtsi, Ukraine.
Sheveldina Julia. Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
Shepet Tetiana. Lviv, Ukraine.
Sherfawi Nina. Kyiv, Ukraine / Montreal, Canada.
Shyshkova Svitlana. Odesa, Ukraine.
Shpolyanskaya Alla. Mykolaiv, Ukraine.
Shtekel Liliya. Odesa, Ukraine.
Yurochkina Natalia. Ukraine.
Yurchuk Yevheniya. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Yavorska Tetiana. Storozhynets, Ukraine.
Yandolenko Maryna. Odesa, Ukraine / Cologne, Germany.
Yakymenko Tetiana. Odesa, Ukraine.
Yanushkova Samira. Dnipro / Lviv, Ukraine.