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Master Class

Master Classes «CHRISTMAS AS A GIFT»

  Christmas ... The fabulous time of good angels, hopes and dreams, when all around is changed. And yet, Christmas is a cozy family celebration and a reason to surprise your loved ones of course with something special and unusual, because each of us tend to live in expectation of a miracle. A gift for Christmas has to match the holiday itself, as selected with love.

  Give to Yourself and to Your relatives the joy of creativity, an opportunity to dive into the world of art. After all a hand made gift is not a good thing only, but a part of the craftsman’s soul, the great emotion which would last for a long time.

  We invite you to join the master class "Christmas as a gift", make the holiday together with Your very own family. A family painting or holiday decorations created by hands of the whole family will add to the holiday some more family cosiness. You can decorate anything You like, Christmas decorations, plates, bottles of your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, trays, etc., so create, offer Your own ideas of the desired results :) And we are happy to help you to embody Your dreams and desires into a beautiful and unique thing.

Master Classes «MEHNDI»

  An unusual Christmas gift... What is it like? That is not a perfume or clothing, neither a stay at a fashionable resort. It is a master class of henna body-painting called mehndi. Mehndi is not just a picture or an ornament. It is a process of the energy exchange, meditation. Mehndi calms worries, brings harmony and appeasement. Moreover, shielding from the bustle, it would give You an opportunity to think about the true desires on the Christmas Eve. Mehndi is an ancient magic and a dream, woven into intricate patterns, which always come true. Give the fulfillment of the wishes to Yourself and to Your relatives and beloved ones.


Have You never created a painting? Are You eager to try but you hesitate? Then welcome to our master class "Painting for all." Your task is to choose a subject for Your painting, which is spiritually close to You and under guidance of the artist you will create YOUR OWN painting. You will learn the basics of composition and coloring. You will work with a brush, a palette knife or with Your fingers, if You like it. Oil paint is a plastic and pliable material which contributes to correct inaccuracies easily. Even if you "draw badly" or "do not draw", but "really and truly want" you must succeed. Do not strive to do everything "right", because any wrong stroke of you can be right just for you. As a result of the class You gain a great mood, confidence a new learning experience and a piece of art created by you.

Group of 1 up to 5 people. Duration up to 3 hours. Painting on a canvas of 40x50cm and of larger sizes. All materials and protective clothing are provided. Only a good mood and desire to create beauty are needed from You :). Age of participants is 5 years old and up. Everyone is accepted to take part, education in the field of art is not necessary. Painting on the basis of photos indoors or outdoors (for example, in a picturesque corner of the city, in the park). After the master class, You take YOUR OWN painting with You.

To make Your appointment call, please:
(032) 235 70 58 or (097) 363 99 97.

Cost is formed depending on the selected format of the art canvas.

Master classes are held on:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
(or any other day by prior arrangement) at Your convenience.
Participation is available by appointment.

View photos from master classes:

Master class painting «ALLA PRIMA»

Master class technique batic and decoupage on fabric