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Art gallery of Madam Palmgren

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Housewarming party
Ceramics (chamotte) + red tree. Author Olena Levder.
Waiting for you at Lviv, І.Fedorova str., 8
Housewarming party
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Ladies and gentlemen!

Being a collector of art for many years I have noticed that buying another painting, I acquire not only a piece of art, but also a whole range of emotions and experiences related to the appearance of this painting in my life. And I should say these experiences are very diverse at times. So, looking at one picture of a sweet in its simplicity, I would remind of a charming author, our interesting experience of framing his work in a beautiful garnish moulding, a light playful haggling with the artist and finally an agitated journey home with a new picture in anticipation of the joy of demonstration to my friends and family. At the same time, another master-piece of a rating-known artist had been always reminding me of the inhospitable arrogant gallery owner, my search for the nearest to the gallery ATM machine in the rain and my exhausting journey across the border, despite the availability of a hardly obtained official permission to export the painting. It had been reminding all this for a long time, until I decided to part with that painting, despite its high artistic and material value.

So I came to the conclusion that when buying a piece of art WHAT you are getting just as much matters as WHERE and HOW. Any item designed to beautify your life must bring pleasure from the first glance at it and up to the moment when it takes its place in your interior and in your life. This formed the basis of the idea of Art gallery of Madam Palmgren.

Our art gallery will present you a rich collection of paintings, which we collected piece by piece from all over Ukraine, as well as Europe. In the cozy atmosphere of the lounge area we will tell you about all our artists and help you choose the picture that is right for you. We'll bring you selected works for "trying" in the interior of your house or office and you will choose the one that will delight you or your loved ones for many years. The price for your painting will be suitable for you, and a variety of payment and delivery options will surprise the most demanding customers. Documents issued with a work of art in full accordance with the laws of Ukraine will allow you to avoid any problems with the confirmation of ownership and/or carriage the paintings from the territory of Ukraine. And if you decide to make a valuable gift, the package of chosen painting will be just as beautiful and exclusive as the very gift.

So, all you have to do is to find some time and visit our Art gallery where with a cup of magnificent Lviv coffee you will enjoy meeting with eternal values. All the rest Art gallery of madam Palmgren will do for you.

The doors of out gallery are open for you from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 19:00 - Monday is a day off. We are behind the adrress at I. Fedorova str., 8, Lviv.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Madam Palmgren.