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Mehndi master-classes by Alexandra Kim

22 October 2012

Mehndi master-classes by Alexandra Kim
(Mehndi - the art of painting the body with henna patterns).

I am pleased to welcome you at this page. My name is Alexandra Kim. If you are reading this, it means you find Mehndi interesting. I will give master classes on this ancient art from October 22 to November 4. Duration of the lesson is 5 hours. It includes two parts – theoretical one and practical one. I will talk about what the Mehndi is, what its symbols, ornaments mean, and about their importance in the modern world. I will share my ability to put pictures on the skin, compose them and place an ornament nicely on the body. I am pleased to share my knowledge, I tell my professional secrets, and there are a lot of them in this art, and my good students will get abilities and skills that will enable them to turn Mehndi into their well-paid hobby.
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