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Solo exhibition by artist Olga Bartysh «I-diletant»

26 December 2015

«A year ago, not knowing about it, I started to create it. And now to your attention so aware amateur or a happy person who loves her job and believes in the human potential.Many of you already know that I studied to be honest journalist and worked in this field for more than ten years. Jumping from one to another, all tried, looking myself in this world) And late last year, I finally dared to do what has long wanted: retired from office work, took the hands of the brush and began to paint. Whatever, but the artist :)We invite all of you to share my joy with me and come to the exhibition on Saturday in very good atmospheric Gallery Madame Palmhren that the heart of the city (opposite the Dominican Church). But what can not, not terrible - the exhibition will be valid until 14 January.And yet - never be afraid to start over, to expose intentions, do as you want, and not as it should. Life is too delicious to do his songs. And believe in yourself, lyudonky, because it is so important! See you».
We invite you to the exhibition which will be held at 15:00 on Dec. 26, 2015.