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Oksana Todorova

Oksana Todorova was born in Odessa. The emotional painting of fairy characters is her artist style as well as objects of artworks. Her artistic force consists in creation of kind and positive heroes, effect of atmosphere ambience, naivety and purity. The artist creates a universe of her own, a small fantastic people, whose life is consonant to children's sensations and experiences. The images of her pictures convey eternal values of love, friendship, joy and involvement. The pictures of the painter do not only decorate children's rooms, but also develop imagination of the children, their creative potential.

Most of her paintings are now reposited in private collections of connoisseurs of modern painting in Ukraine and abroad. Among the owners there are such celebrities as Jaqueline Stallone, Baron von Bossner, Alexandra Raffin, Igor Nikolayev, Tina Karol, Gallina, Iva Rich, Yuri Nikitin, Georgiy Deliyev, Ani Lorak, Ruslan Khvastov, Andre Tan, Yuliya Isina and many others.