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Pavel Miroshnichenko

Pavel Miroshnichenko (1920-2006)

Was born in Byelovodsk (Lugansk region of Ukraine). He graduated from the Crimean Art College of M.S.Samokysh. His teachers were: S.Vladimirov, N.Schehlov, M.Kroshytskyy, V.Bernadskyy, F.Zaharov. From the year of 1951 the artist is a regular participant of local, regional, national, and foreign exhibitions. Member of the Artists' Union of Ukraine. Pavel Miroshnichenko is Honored Artist of Ukraine.

The artist is mostly talented in drawing landscapes, still life, graphics. His works are kept in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, USA, Poland and the Czech Republic and owned by Sevastopol Art Museum of M.P.Kroshytsky, other museums. Five seascapes of the artist owns Museum of Russian Art in Japan.